International policy

Syria has experience many international bans and restrictions. Write two page paper on some of these policies that have affected Syria.

Foreign Policy Concerning Syria

Syria is a nation that has experienced war since 2011 when 15 school children were arrested and tortured for writing anti-government graffiti on a wall. This incident saw the outbreak of revolution and fights in the city of Aleppo where a resisting group known as rebels confronted the soldiers who support the reign of President Bashar al-Assad. Syria has been in the limelight since 1979 to have been on collaboration and sponsorship of terrorism activities dating back in 1979. The position has not been received well by the foreign nations especially the US whereby sanctions have been imposed on Syria. The country has faced many economic, political and social sanctions leaving the people of Syria in darkness and desperate situation.

After the war broke out in 201, the government of America has imposed several sanctions on Syria to prevent the rolling regime from accessing the resources that enable them to propagate violence and poor leadership. The restrictions are aimed at pushing the ruling government to the wall so that they can open up for democratic transitions. For instance, Executive Order 13572 that was adopted in April 2011, focused on blocking the properties of those Syrian leaders who spearheaded the war and human right abuses (“Syria Sanctions,” Par. 2-3). Even after the order, Syrian government continued to violate it and went ahead with the violence, prompting the US Government to impose another Executive Order 13573 that blocked the property of President Bashir al-Assad as well as those of senior Syrian government officials. President al-Assad regime never ceased from causing violence in the country, something that made the US issue order 13582 now blocking the properties of the entire Syrian Government. The order prohibited any form of new property investment in Syria; it also limited the US citizens from exporting or sale of services to Syria. The most setback realized on the economy was the sanction on the importation and barred transaction on the petroleum products originating from Syria.

EU is another body that has not remained behind in pressing Syrian Government to realize the need to observe foreign policies. EU has set up restrictions on Syria which include: a ban on the sale, supply, and transfer of arms and any military materials. It has also issued bans on cargo flights operated by Syrian carriers, travel bans for president of Syria and other subordinate staff, limited provision of technical and financial assistance of brokerage services in line with the limited supply and sale of trade of gold and other precious commodities (Portela, N.p). The incoming president of the US Mr. Trump will have a hard time to ensure that Syria which is a non-nuclear weapon state party is put on toes in ensuring that the country does not continue producing chemical, nuclear weapons.  Syria has been receiving support from Russia and China to construct plutonium production reactors with the help of Korea thus making the US Government have diplomatic problems with other foreign nations that support the activities of Syria. The new president will have to negotiate with Russia and other nations accordingly to curb the malpractice in Syria related to the nuclear weapon and military arms smuggling. This is because it is believed to be enabling the terrorists in the region to acquire firearms of which they use to kill people through terror attacks across the globe (Butler, N.p). Syria is a country that has lost focus due to the poor leadership of President al-Assad and the only way the US government will have peace is ensure that Syria undertakes a fresh election that will bring in new leaders that will buy with foreign policies.















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