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critical appraisal summarizing the contents of Chapter 2


Write a critical appraisal summarizing the contents of Chapter 2 (including the related sections). In your summary, identify at least three (3) weaknesses discussed in the reading and use a minimum of five (5) scholarly sources to expand the discussion and address the weaknesses.


NOTE:  Collegiate writing standards apply.

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international Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Central Bank (ECB

What have been the main roles performed by the international Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Central Bank (ECB) in resolving the financial crisis experienced by Greece in recent years.

Please also included at least 5 references

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Assignment 2

write a paper (500 Word Minimum) explaining/covering the following points. Also, provide examples for each of the points and discuss them in-depth. Please be sure to spell check your work.

  • Discuss the distribution of social media content
  • Distinguish between the different types of social media content
  • Explain how marketers develop and organize social media content
  • Discuss how marketers use search engine optimization and social media optimization to meet marketing objectives
  • Describe methods of promoting social media conten

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  1. Research GoPro and its approach to entering the drone market.
  2. Why did GoPro decide to pursue the drone business?
  3. In what ways does this strategy play to GoPro’s core competencies?
  4. In light of how things are going for the GoPro drone, suggest alternate approaches for GoPro to enter the drone business.
  5. Discuss why one of these alternate approaches may have been preferable.
  6. Reference at minimum two credible sources to support your discussion points.

600 words