President Trump’s reaction and languages used

Hi, could I offer you the assignment on another topic.It is also a coursework (a grade 12 level) in the form of an article contribution to a newspaper to report and comment on President Trump’s reaction and languages used following the repeated missile launching by North Korea. The article should contain around 1,000 words.


Human Resource Assignment




Using examples from a minimum of two actual organisations, critically evaluate the impact of contemporary HR practices on organisational growth. These practices may include areas such as talent management, training and development and reward management.

There is a word limit of 2000 words for part one


You work as an HR manager for an organisation whose CEO thinks “HR is a waste of time and money”. Your line manager (the HR Director) has asked you to educate your CEO on how HR helps to increase productivity and profitability. Create five slides in PowerPoint, with accompanying notes, setting out the content that you would cover in your presentation. Your slides and notes must be appropriately cited. Please insert your slides into your assignment as images.

Your notes must not exceed 1000 words


International policy

Syria has experience many international bans and restrictions. Write two page paper on some of these policies that have affected Syria.

Foreign Policy Concerning Syria

Syria is a nation that has experienced war since 2011 when 15 school children were arrested and tortured for writing anti-government graffiti on a wall. This incident saw the outbreak of revolution and fights in the city of Aleppo where a resisting group known as rebels confronted the soldiers who support the reign of President Bashar al-Assad. Syria has been in the limelight since 1979 to have been on collaboration and sponsorship of terrorism activities dating back in 1979. The position has not been received well by the foreign nations especially the US whereby sanctions have been imposed on Syria. The country has faced many economic, political and social sanctions leaving the people of Syria in darkness and desperate situation.

After the war broke out in 201, the government of America has imposed several sanctions on Syria to prevent the rolling regime from accessing the resources that enable them to propagate violence and poor leadership. The restrictions are aimed at pushing the ruling government to the wall so that they can open up for democratic transitions. For instance, Executive Order 13572 that was adopted in April 2011, focused on blocking the properties of those Syrian leaders who spearheaded the war and human right abuses (“Syria Sanctions,” Par. 2-3). Even after the order, Syrian government continued to violate it and went ahead with the violence, prompting the US Government to impose another Executive Order 13573 that blocked the property of President Bashir al-Assad as well as those of senior Syrian government officials. President al-Assad regime never ceased from causing violence in the country, something that made the US issue order 13582 now blocking the properties of the entire Syrian Government. The order prohibited any form of new property investment in Syria; it also limited the US citizens from exporting or sale of services to Syria. The most setback realized on the economy was the sanction on the importation and barred transaction on the petroleum products originating from Syria.

EU is another body that has not remained behind in pressing Syrian Government to realize the need to observe foreign policies. EU has set up restrictions on Syria which include: a ban on the sale, supply, and transfer of arms and any military materials. It has also issued bans on cargo flights operated by Syrian carriers, travel bans for president of Syria and other subordinate staff, limited provision of technical and financial assistance of brokerage services in line with the limited supply and sale of trade of gold and other precious commodities (Portela, N.p). The incoming president of the US Mr. Trump will have a hard time to ensure that Syria which is a non-nuclear weapon state party is put on toes in ensuring that the country does not continue producing chemical, nuclear weapons.  Syria has been receiving support from Russia and China to construct plutonium production reactors with the help of Korea thus making the US Government have diplomatic problems with other foreign nations that support the activities of Syria. The new president will have to negotiate with Russia and other nations accordingly to curb the malpractice in Syria related to the nuclear weapon and military arms smuggling. This is because it is believed to be enabling the terrorists in the region to acquire firearms of which they use to kill people through terror attacks across the globe (Butler, N.p). Syria is a country that has lost focus due to the poor leadership of President al-Assad and the only way the US government will have peace is ensure that Syria undertakes a fresh election that will bring in new leaders that will buy with foreign policies.















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Teaching IELTS for positive results

The assignment contains 6 tasks (A-F): A Write an assignment of around 500 words wherein you explain the IELTS testing system to a student. Some of these facts are not available in your notes – you will need to access this knowledge from the research material suggested in the course. Your assignment should deal with the following factors: 1. What do the letters IELTS stand for? 2. Where do students formally sit the IELTS examination? 3. What level of English is required to candidate for the IELST test? 4. In the listening test, the student listens to a cassette. How many times can the cassette be listened to? 5. When doing the writing test, how many pieces of writing have to be completed? 6. Explain what kind of texts will be read in the academic reading paper and what is the content material of each section? 7. What is the limit for words required for the writing test? 8. How many people are present when the speaking test takes place? 9. Where do I write the answers to some of the tests? 10. What length of time is allowed to prepare for the speaking test? 11. How important is spelling? B Write an assignment of around 500 words explaining how you would prepare an IELTS candidate for the exam. Outline the process you would follow and identify some of the possible problems you might encounter and address cultural challenges with regards to the method of teaching using the teacher-student approach. C Give reasons for your viewpoint about the place of grammar and vocabulary in IELTS preparation. Your assignment should be around 350 words in length. D Create a lesson plan for all the IELTS tasks (reading, writing [both 1 & 2], listening and speaking). E Write up a complete (150 & 250 words) sample of task 1 and task 2 writing. F Create your own introduction to IELTS for an overseas student, who holds BA degree for their own country. Assume a band level of 5 has already been achieved. Set out the main areas the students will need to focus on to raise their score to band 7. 1. Explain the difference between general English and academic. 2. Suggest a self-study programme. 3. Explain why just working hard in class is seldom sufficient for students who need to score band 7. 4. Create a handout giving example of linking words and phrases. Also explain where and why these connectives need to be used. 5. Explain the method of describing an illustration. 6. Find a flow chart task 1 example from and write and explanation of how the student should approach this task

History of Juvenile Justice

3-4 pages APA format

While on routine patrol for the Any Town Police Department you notice a group of what appears be three underage male teenage kids and one female teen standing alongside the outside wall of a local convenience store in a poorly lit area. Since it is 1 AM in the morning on a Thursday night, which is in violation of your city ordinance regarding curfew, you decide to investigate. When you turn into the driveway of the convenience store your patrol car headlights illuminate the group of three teens and you notice a cigarette in the hand of the lone female of the group and it appears to you that two of the males are holding beer cans. After asking for identification, you began your investigation and realize that several decisions will have to be made regarding the underage youth:


  • In a list you make in your report specifically identify the status offense laws that are being violated by each of the underage teenage violators.
  • Identify how you are going to process at the scene each of the underage teenage kid violators, then explain in detail why you made your decision to handle the status offense in that specific manner.
  • Describe how you would handle any of the teenage status offense violators who is being uncooperative at the scene. How would this affect your decision on how to handle this status offense case?
  • If you have one or more uncooperative parent who refuses to come to the scene and pick up their child would this affect your decision on how you handle the case, and if so what would you then do with the child?

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having one’s property or personal information stolen wk 5 DQ2

This week’s required readings discuss the impact of having one’s property or personal information stolen. In discussions of victimization, most people immediately think of personal, physical violence. However, when one’s property or identity is stolen, the harm experienced can be just as devastating.

Address the following in your initial post:

  • How prevalent are property crimes and identity theft in the U.S.?
  • What are the characteristics and risk factors of victims of these crimes?
  • Explain how victims may contribute to their victimization.
  • Is it easy to apprehend and prosecute perpetrators of these crimes?
  • Evaluate how law enforcement officials have addressed these crimes?

Your initial post must contain approximately 400 words and reference at least two scholarly sources in proper APA format.

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