Teaching IELTS for positive results

The assignment contains 6 tasks (A-F): A Write an assignment of around 500 words wherein you explain the IELTS testing system to a student. Some of these facts are not available in your notes – you will need to access this knowledge from the research material suggested in the course. Your assignment should deal with the following factors: 1. What do the letters IELTS stand for? 2. Where do students formally sit the IELTS examination? 3. What level of English is required to candidate for the IELST test? 4. In the listening test, the student listens to a cassette. How many times can the cassette be listened to? 5. When doing the writing test, how many pieces of writing have to be completed? 6. Explain what kind of texts will be read in the academic reading paper and what is the content material of each section? 7. What is the limit for words required for the writing test? 8. How many people are present when the speaking test takes place? 9. Where do I write the answers to some of the tests? 10. What length of time is allowed to prepare for the speaking test? 11. How important is spelling? B Write an assignment of around 500 words explaining how you would prepare an IELTS candidate for the exam. Outline the process you would follow and identify some of the possible problems you might encounter and address cultural challenges with regards to the method of teaching using the teacher-student approach. C Give reasons for your viewpoint about the place of grammar and vocabulary in IELTS preparation. Your assignment should be around 350 words in length. D Create a lesson plan for all the IELTS tasks (reading, writing [both 1 & 2], listening and speaking). E Write up a complete (150 & 250 words) sample of task 1 and task 2 writing. F Create your own introduction to IELTS for an overseas student, who holds BA degree for their own country. Assume a band level of 5 has already been achieved. Set out the main areas the students will need to focus on to raise their score to band 7. 1. Explain the difference between general English and academic. 2. Suggest a self-study programme. 3. Explain why just working hard in class is seldom sufficient for students who need to score band 7. 4. Create a handout giving example of linking words and phrases. Also explain where and why these connectives need to be used. 5. Explain the method of describing an illustration. 6. Find a flow chart task 1 example from IELTSexam.com and write and explanation of how the student should approach this task


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