Exam essay part A Romans’ economy, politics, and cultures

Requirement: Write two full pages small essay, the essay must follow the assignement prompt as bellow. No reference page and citation for this one. Answer the question below and write essay relate it.


The examination will consist of two parts:


  1. A) Take home question:  Analyze and fully explain how the Romans’ economy, politics, and cultures transformed from the time of the Republic to the end of Pax-Romana.  In doing so, you should begin with the formation of the Roman Republic (how it functioned, its law and religion, its military and economic expansion.)  Continue your discussion with the rise of Julius Caesar and the establishment of Pax-Romana along with its economical, societal (including religions) and intellectual achievements.

Your answer must be typed and edited; 50 points.  Due in class on the exam day. 

NO Online Submission.


(Class lecture on “Rome and Mediterranean Unity” and read chapter 11)


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