4-5 pages paper


I need complete 4-5 pages paper on the following assignment. HALF PAGE LENGTH IS NOT ACCEPTED. Must address the all steps properly.  Must include 4-5 credible references cited in MLA.  Must provide 100% original work.



Indian Boarding School Essay

Write a complete 4-5 pages essay in MLA format by addressing the following Sections.

Section 1 (Introduction): Provide a brief overview of how and why the boarding schools came into existence and what the purpose of these institutions. At the end of the paragraph, include a sentence that mentions that there were several well-known critics of the boarding schools and then provide the names of the authors of the 2 quotes around which this essay revolves.

Section 2: Explain how the authors’ work and life experiences would have influenced their decisions to take a stand against boarding schools. Then Interpret the quotes (explain what they mean.

Section 3: Explain how the words in the quote relate directly to the experiences of the children in the boarding schools.

Provide specific examples of the specific things that the children experienced that would have caused the authors of the quotes to write these quotes.

Section 4 (Conclusion): Provide a brief overview of what you have argued in the essay. For example, you might write, “In conclusion, the Indian Boarding Schools…” or you might write, “What this review of the Indian Boarding Schools shows is…” or you might write, “In closing, the Indian Boarding Schools…” You might discuss the legacy of the boarding schools (were these boarding schools successful? Did they accomplish what they set out to accomplish?) and how this shows that the critics of these schools, like the authors of the quotes, were shown to be correct or incorrect (or a combination of both).

Note: As shown on the grading rubric for this essay, grammar errors (including spelling, wording, sentence structure, etc.) will negatively affect your grade. Therefore, it is important that you spell check, grammar check and carefully review your essay prior to submitting it. It is helpful to read the essay out loud so that your ears will catch wording errors and awkward sentences that you might not catch when reading the essay silently.


Reference: Must include 4-5 credible references cited in MLA.


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